Ethier's 20th anniversary of facilitating our Industry Roundtables.

20 Year Anniversary

Over the 20 years:

  • We have had over 70 organizations represented in our Roundtables
  • We have had over 300 members participate
  • Understand the root causes behind process inefficiency, including issues of strategy and operating models
  • And we have held over 375 meetings

The Senior I.S. Management Roundtable was the first that Ethier established in 1996 when it was felt that there was a gap in having industry people meet outside of vendor sponsored forums. Since then, there have been five more Roundtables formed. Today Ethier hosts six Roundtables that meet quarterly:

  • Senior I.S. Management (two separate groups)
  • Application Leadership (two separate groups)
  • Project Office Leadership
  • Organizational Change Management

We believe the long term success of the Roundtables lies in the efficient way that they connect people, providing timely feedback on pressing issues, identify emerging trends, improving the pulse on the community, and broadening independent networks.

With our main topic and hot topic format, Roundtable Members get multiple viewpoints from other companies and industries on how they have addressed an issue.

The feedback has been very positive and we've heard numerous times that the discussions in the meetings have provided helpful perspective and tools that the members have used internally.

We are honoured to have these Roundtables as a part of our history for the past 20 years and look forward to continuing the discussions for another 20.

Thank you to all our current and alumni members that have contributed to the success of these roundtables.